Easify V3 is no longer supported.

For continued support and to get the latest features we recommend that you upgrade from V3 to V4 as soon as possible.

NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

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Scheduling Overview

EASU gives you the functionality to schedule orders, purchases and backups to occur on a frequency and schedule of your choosing.

If you regularly bill your customers for the same thing on a regular basis, in Easify with EASU you can create an order for them and schedule it to repeat daily, weekly, monthly - you name it. On your pre defined schedule a copy of the order will be raised automatically. And if you assign yourself to the order and have a valid email address configured for your Easify user account, you can even be emailed when the repeat order is generated.

Similarly if you regularly raise a purchase for something such as rent or rates, why not let EASU take the strain by automatically generating the purchase for you.

Backups can also be automated ensuring that your valuable Easify data is backed up to disk on a schedule of your choosing.

In order to use the features of EASU scheduling, you will need to have installed EASU for the Easify company you are working on, and also enable the task scheduler in Easify options.

If you have EASU installed you can enable the task scheduler in Easify by going to the Tools->Options menu, and in the Options window, navigate to the General->Advanced Server Settings tab.

Tick the Enable Task Scheduler box and you are ready to start scheduling Orders, Purchases and Backups.


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