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YesPay Card Payment Processing Overview

Please note that since YesPay was bought out by WorldPay, we only support YesPay as a legacy solution. We are no longer able to assist with setting up new YesPay accounts.

Easify supports YesPay card payment processing, allowing you to process credit and debit cards via mail order or telephone (MOTO) or using a Chip & PIN pin pad for cardholder present transactions from directly within Easify.

Mail Order / Telephone (MOTO) Card Processing
If you need to process card payments via telephone or by mail order, Easify with YesPay gives you the ability to do so without leaving Easify.

You simply go to take a card payment in Easify as usual, select cardholder not present as the payment method when prompted. You then enter your customers card details directly into the on-screen prompts. When you submit the payment to YesPay, the transaction is processed securely via the internet. 

Chip & PIN Card Processing
Easify with YesPay installed can also be used for Chip & PIN card transactions.

With this mode of operation you purchase and connect a USB Chip & Pinpad (PED) to your Easify computer, and Easify will then allow you to process cardholder present card payments.

When you go to take a card payment in Easify, the amount due from the customer will be automatically sent to the PED, and the customer will be prompted to insert their card and enter their PIN. The transaction will be processed securely over the internet, and the results of the transaction will be automatically recorded in the Easify cashbook.

PCI-DSS Compliance
Easify and YesPay provides you with everything you need to easily achieve PCI-DSS compliance without the need for expensive and time consuming audits and network penetration tests.

YesPay is a fully PCI-DSS pre-accredited payment solution, and they have arrangements for PCI-DSS pre-accreditation with all the major banks such as Lloyds, Barclays, NatWest etc... By choosing YesPay as a payment gateway provider you can let them take care of the digital security that is required to be PCI-DSS compliant.

Because all sensitive card processing data is handled entirely by YesPay, and no sensitive card data is stored or even read by Easify you can achieve PCI-DSS compliance with a minimum of effort and expense.

YesPay Internet Based Credit Card Processing
Because YesPay securely processes card payments via the internet, you do not need to provide and pay for a separate PSTN telephone line as would be the case with a traditional rented PDQ machine. As long as the PC that you run Easify/YesPay on has an internet connection YesPay will be able to connect to the payment gateway on the internet and process card transactions.

Visit the Easify website for more information about getting setup with YesPay.


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