Easify V3 is no longer supported.

For continued support and to get the latest features we recommend that you upgrade from V3 to V4 as soon as possible.

NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

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Taking Payment with Chip & PIN

Please note that since YesPay was bought out by WorldPay, we only support YesPay as a legacy solution. We are no longer able to assist with setting up new YesPay accounts.

Once you have YesPay setup to work with Easify and have connected a pinpad, taking card payments with Easify is easy.

For this section we will assume that you are familiar with taking payments via the POS. We will only discuss payments taken via the POS here, payments processed via the back-end are done in exactly the same way so do not need to be discussed separately.

In the POS let's assume you have pressed F12 to take payment for a sale, and the customer will be paying with their credit/debit card.

This transaction is for �14.99 and we're going to press the card payment button (highlighted) so we can take full payment by credit card with a single click.

The Choose Card Payment Method dialogue appears allowing you to choose how you are going to process the card payment. In this case we press the top button YESpay chip & PIN.

The YesPay EasyVTerminal (EVT) will appear and will take over the credit card transaction processing. The payment amount will have already been passed to EVT from Easify so you do not need to enter the payment amount manually into the pinpad.

From here EVT will guide you and your customer through the payment process via prompts on the screen of the pinpad and also on the computer screen.

When the transaction is complete (either successful or declined) EVT will pass control back to Easify and a merchant receipt will be printed by Easify. You should keep the merchant receipt for your records in accordance with your PCI-DSS compliance policy.

Easify will prompt you to remove the merchant receipt from the receipt printer. You can also choose to re-print the receipt if the receipt failed to print properly.

The customers receipt will then print and the sale will close.

Processing Refunds
Refunds are carried out exactly the same way as with payments, YesPay EVT will automatically detect when money is being refunded to a customer and will refund money back to the customers credit/debit card as appropriate.  


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