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NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

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Discounting a Sale

There will no doubt be times when you wish to (or have to) give a discount to a customer at the point of sale.

Easify EPOS provides you with four ways to apply a discount to a sale, all of which involve reducing the price of one of the products on the sale.

To apply a discount to a sale, first select the product in the sale that you would like to lower the price of.

Note: You may wish to setup a 'Discounts' category and subcategory in the product editor, and add a product named 'Discount' with a price of zero. When you need to apply a discount to a sale simply add the 'Discount' product and alter it's price with the F6 button.

Then either press the F6 key on the keyboard, or click the Modify Price for Selected Item button.

This will open the Modify Line Item window.

Here you have four methods of applying a discount to a sale.

1. Change the price of the item directly. i.e. if you want to sell an item to a customer for �353.59 instead of its list price then change the Item Price to �353.59.

2. Reduce the item price by a percentage  i.e. if you want to reduce the item price by 11.6% then enter that percentage in the Reduce item price by text box.  The item price will be reduced by the percentage you enter.

3. Change the total price of the sale  i.e. If the sale total is �463.97 and you want to charge a total of �417.57 for the sale, then change the Change Sale Total to text box value from �463.97 to �417.57.

4. Reduce the sale total by a percentage i.e. if you want to apply a 10% discount to the sale total, then enter 10% in the Reduce sale total by text box.

All methods of applying a discount modify the price of the selected item, however in the first two methods you decide what price to sell the item for, in the last two methods you tell Easify what total price you wish to achieve for the whole sale (all the items together) and Easify calculates how much to sell the selected item for to achieve that total price. 

Whenever you change one of the boxes on the screen, the other boxes will automatically update their values accordingly.


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