Easify V3 is no longer supported.

For continued support and to get the latest features we recommend that you upgrade from V3 to V4 as soon as possible.

NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

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Adding Suppliers

Easify provides you with the ability to record all of your suppliers, and to enter detailed information about them. Each product or service that you add to Easify must have a supplier. If your company supplies its own products or services then you should add your company as a supplier.

To add a new supplier click Suppliers in the Main Menu.

Then select View Suppliers.

Click the button to add a new supplier.

In this dialogue, enter the details about your supplier. You should record as much information as you can such as supplier name, address and contact details.

There are two further tabs at the top in this window where you can specify additional contact details and notes if required.

Click the OK button to close this window and return to the suppliers window.  You can see here that the details you have just entered are now in the list of suppliers.

Continue to add all of your suppliers as described above.

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