Easify V3 is no longer supported.

For continued support and to get the latest features we recommend that you upgrade from V3 to V4 as soon as possible.

NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

Click here if you are looking for Easify Version 4 help articles.
Easify V3 Quick Install Tutorial Video

In this video we walk you through the quick installation process for Easify V3.

Easify V3 Advanced Installation Tutorial Video

This tutorial video discusses advanced Easify V3 installations.

Installing Easify for the First Time

The Easify installer consists of a single program named 'Setup.exe'. Running this program will launch an installation wizard that will guide you through the process of installing Easify on your computer.

We strongly recommend that you run Windows Update and install all critical updates and service packs before installing Easify.

We strongly recommend that you temporarily disable anti-virus software during the installation process, and that you reboot your computer prior to installing Easify.

When you launch Setup.exe, the Easify installer will carry out a few checks on your system to ensure that certain pre-requisites have been met (such as the .Net framework being installed). 

Once the pre-requisites have been checked you will be greeted with the installer welcome screen. Click Next to continue.

Please read the Easify End User License Agreement (EULA) and if you agree to its terms, tick the box to accept the license agreement.

Click Next when you are ready to move on.

Easify setup will now check your computer for any previously installed versions of Easify.  If a previous version is detected you will be given the opportunity to upgrade the existing installation.

However, since you are installing Easify for the first time setup will not find any previous versions to upgrade.

At the next screen of the installation wizard you have the opportunity to choose one of three installation options.

As we are installing Easify for the first time we will choose the first option "First Time Installation".

Choosing this option will install everything you need to run Easify.

Click Next when ready to move on.

You will now be prompted to enter your company name.

For this we recommend you enter your full company name as it would appear on your paperwork, or as registered at companies house.

Click OK to continue installing Easify.

The Easify installer will now proceed to install the Easify database on your computer along with any other files that are required for it to run.

Note: The installation process may take some time to complete (10 to 30 minutes is typical), and various installation windows will pop up during the process. To avoid the risk of interfering with the installation process we recommend that you do not use your computer for any other purpose during the installation process.

After a period of time (typically 10-30 minutes) the Easify database installation will complete and you will be prompted for a location to install the Easify client software to.

We recommend you accept the default destination folder.

Click Next when ready to install the client.

When the installation is complete you will be presented with the screen shown below.

When you are ready click Finished to close the Easify installation wizard.

You can now launch Easify via the shortcuts that have been created on your desktop.


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