Help - Refunding Card Payments

Refunding Card Payments

You can refund money to peoples cards using Payment Sense and Easify.

When you need to process a refund, first add the item to be refunded to an order in the Point of Sale.

Then make sure the product to be refunded for is selected and press the Returns button or press F7.

This will cause the value of the item to become negative, i.e. the sale will be for a negative amount and money is to be paid to the customer.

Next click the Total the Sale button or press F12 on the keyboard.

This will bring up the payment window.

Note that 1 the amount shown as being due is negative (refund).

Here we want to refund the full amount to the customers card, in which case you simply press the button to the right of the card amount box as outlined in red above 2 .

NOTE: If you were refunding the customer by several different methods at once e.g. you will refund them half by card and half by cash, you would manually enter the individual amounts in the relevant boxes and click the Enter button.

A popup will appear asking you how you want to make the card refund.

To make the refund using the Payment Sense card terminal click the Payment Sense Terminal button.

NOTE: If you wanted to take the card payment using an alternative method such as a standalone (non Payment Sense) PDQ or using a different way of making card refunds click the Other Method (Manual) button.

When you click the Payment Sense Terminal button the card transaction will be sent to the card terminal. While the transaction is in progress, the current state of the transaction will be displayed on the Easify POS Window so that you can guide the user through the transaction without needing to look at the card terminal screen.

The transaction will be started and after a few seconds the user will be asked to insert their card.

When the user inserts their card the refund process will automatically start.

Once the refund has been acknowledged the user will be prompted to remove their card.

When the user removes their card a merchant receipt will be printed complete with an area for the customer to sign.

Now you should get the customer to sign the merchant receipt and check that their signature matches the signature on the back of their card.

If the signatures match click the Yes button to finalise the refund.

If the signatures do not match click the No button and the refund will be cancelled.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you zero the till at the end of the day which will cause the Payment Sense card terminal to run a banking and Z report for the days transactions. This will ensure that your card takings are properly posted to your bank and will prevent unnecessary processing delays. Click here to learn more about Payment Sense reporting.

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