Suppliers Product Sales History

Product Sales History by Supplier

The Suppliers Product Sales History displays a list of all of the products that have been sold that were purchased from the selected Supplier for any given period, and with Live Reporting you can and sort and filter the results in a variety of different ways.

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You can access this feature from the:

Main Supplier window where you can search and filter the Product Sales History for the selected Supplier.

Click on the Show/hide supplier info pane button as highlighted in red to view the pane if it isn't already showing.

or on the Edit Supplier window where you can also search and filter the Product Sales History for the selected Supplier.

You can double click on any of the results in these views to open or edit.

Depending on whether you click on a column relating to the product or the order, either the product details or the order will open.


For instance you might want to see your Sales History for the past year from the supplier Barracloughs Ltd sorted into Product Category.

First of all you would select the last year as the date range and then click on the Choose Columns drop down arrow to select to show the Product Category in this view.

Then you would need to click and drag the column header for Product category to the Group by section...

You can then easily see your how many items in each category you have sold from that Supplier over the past year.

You can choose to show any of the columns in this view, and Easify will remember your settings for the next time you access it. You can also group by more then one result.

Please note: the Live Reporting feature was introduced in V4.77 so if you're not seeing the features on your version then you will need to upgrade.

Click here to learn more about Live Reporting...

NOTE: If you are using the Product Sales History panel to view and filter a lot of data it might be slow to load all your records. If you find it slow, choose a smaller date range or hide some of the columns.

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