ECommerce Overview

ECommerce Overview

Easify API

Easify features a full ECommerce API (Applications Programming Interface) that allows it to communicate with external applications such as websites, middleware or 3rd party applications.

The Easify API allows for instance, for your web developers to write code for your website that connects to the Easify Server and query it to obtain product details, or to send orders placed on your website directly into Easify.

The Easify API is a full RESTful API that uses the OData protocol, meaning that it can be connected to any system that is capable of sending and receiving basic http commands. Being a full API it allows programmatic access to all areas of Easify.

NOTE: In order to use the Easify API you will require an Easify API Monthly Subscription , which is available for purchase in our online shop.

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Easify ECommerce Channels

As well as providing a full API that allows programmers to write code to talk to any part of the Easify Server database, Easify also includes a multi-channel ECommerce notification system that can be setup to send notifications to your external website or 3rd party application when data within Easify has changed. For example you can setup an Easify ECommerce channel to send notifications to your website any time a product stock level is changed. Your website could then be programmed to respond to this notification by contacting the Easify Server via the Easify API and retrieving the new stock level for the product.

You can create unlimited ECommerce channels in Easify, which gives you the ability to drive many sales channels from Easify.

Easify ECommerce Connectors and Plugins

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