Raising a New Order

Raising a New Order

You can raise a new order directly from the main Easify Window.

You can also raise a new order via the Orders & Quotes window , by clicking the button.

NOTE: You can also raise a new order from the main Customers Window by right clicking a customer and selecting Create New Quote/Order.

The New Order window gives you fine control over every aspect of a quote or an order.

The window comprises a toolbar at the top with a selection of buttons for creating and managing orders. Beneath the toolbar is an area where you can set order information such as order status, order type and order comments.

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Below this is a tabbed view that gives you access to the products on the order. Details on the other tabs can be found below:

The lower part of the window displays customer information along with the totals for the order.


The Status allows you to control what stage of progress a quote or order is in.

When you first create a quote/order the status is automatically set to Quote in Progress . This is because in Easify, all orders start life as in progress Quotations. Bear in mind that in Easify, an Order is just a Quote that someone has given you the go ahead on. When the customer places an order with you, the quote becomes an order.

The Status does not change automatically, you change the status yourself as the job progresses. The initial status will be Quote in Progress, and when you have completed the quotation you can change the status to Quote Complete. When the customer goes ahead with the order, you can open the order and change its status to In Progress, or whatever is appropriate for your workflow.

Changing the status of an order as you progress it enables you to filter your orders by status in the main Orders & Quotes Window which means you can, for example, view Quotes that need to be finished, Orders that are in progress, or orders that are complete and have not yet been invoiced.

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Order Type

You can set the Order Type to help you to categorise different types of order.

For example you might want to be able to tell which orders are telephone orders, which orders are internet orders, and which orders are shop sales.

When you run a sales report in Easify, the totals for the various order types will be displayed at the bottom of the sales report so that you can easily see which types of orders generated what amount of sales.

Easify comes with a list of preset Order Types, but you are free to customise this list to suit your particular business model in Easify Options.

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Comments (required)

You will need to enter comments for the order in the Comments text box. These comments will act as a title for the order, and will print out on quotes, estimates and invoices before the products on the order. The comments should be something like "New computer for the main reception desk", "Site visit to install new underfloor heating controller" or "Various products collected in person" etc... The order comments also appear alongside each order in the Orders & Quotes main window so good comments will help you to quickly identify orders at a later date.

Order comments are also printed on quotations and invoices to your customers, so using a descriptive comment can help you and your client to easily see what a particular quote or invoice relates to.

Add Product by SKU

This allows you to quickly add a product to a quote/order by typing in its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit or Stock code) and pressing Enter or clicking the adjacent add button. You can also use a barcode scanner to scan a stock code directly into this box.

See the Products section below for more information about adding products to a quote/order.

Customer Ref.

This text box allows you to enter your customers reference number. Typically this would be your customers purchase order number.

The value that you enter here is searchable from the main Orders & Quotes Window. So if your customer gave you a purchase order number and you entered it in the Customer Ref. box, at a later date you could search for the customers purchase order number from the main Orders & Quotes Window to easily find the order that they are referring to.

You can also add the Customer Ref. to your paperwork (quotes, invoices etc...) using the Easify Paperwork Designer.

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Adding Products to a Quote or Order

A new order will require products. Adding products to your order is as easy as opening the Products window, finding the product you want and dragging it onto the order. (There are also other ways of adding a product to an order which we will discuss in due course).

You may continue to add as many products as you wish by dragging them and dropping them onto your order.

For products that you regularly use you can enter them by their SKU. Simply type the SKU of a product into the Add Product by SKU text box and press the enter key. The product will be added to the order.

Easify also features a product picker that lets you search for products from within an order. Click the Search for Product button or press the F3 key to bring up the product picker.

Type in the description or SKU of the product you are looking for and the list of product in the product picker window will be narrowed down to match your search text. When you find the product you are looking for, select it and click the OK button (or press Enter). The selected product will be added to your order.

Click here to learn more about working with products on quotes and orders...

Assigning a Customer to a Quote or Order

You will need to select a customer for your order. Again, this is as easy as dragging and dropping a customer onto the order...

Alternatively you can use the customer picker to find a customer and assign them to your order.

Click the Customer Picker button (or press the F5 key)...

Search for and select the customer you want to assign, and click the OK button to assign them to the quote/order.

Trade Sale

If you tick the Trade Sale box, the products on your order will be sold at your trade price. Unticking the box will cause your products to be sold at their retail price.

NOTE: You can set a customer as a trade customer, in which case whenever they are assigned to a quote or order, the Trade Sale tickbox will be automatically ticked and the products on the quote/order will be set to use your trade prices.

Toolbar Buttons

View Customers

Click to open the main Customers Window.

Click here to learn more about adding customers to an order...

Pick Customer (F5)

This button launches the customer picker that allows you to search for and pick a customer to assign to this order.

You can also launch the Customer Picker by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

Click here to learn more about adding customers to an order...

View Customer Details

Click this button to view details for the customer that is currently associated with this order.

Browse Products

Clicking this button will open the main Easify Products Window which will allow you to find a product so that you can drag and drop it onto the order.

Click here to learn more about adding products to an order...

Search for Product (F3)

This button launches the Product Picker Window that allows you to search for a product, and select it to be added to the order. Note that this gives you the option to add a product to the order without dragging and dropping it.

You can also launch the Product Picker by pressing F3 on the keyboard.

Click here to learn more about adding products to an order...

Refresh Stock Levels

Click this button to refresh the product stock levels that are displayed on the order.

As you work on a quote or order it is possible that the stock levels of the products that you are adding to the order will have changed since you opened the order. For instance you might add a product to the order which shows as having 10 in stock, someone then buys 5 of the products via the internet (if you are using the ecommerce features of Easify), or they may have purchased the products over the counter. Clicking the Refresh Stock Levels button will cause the stock level on the product to refresh itself and reflect the actual amount of products that are in stock.

Edit comments for selected product

Click this button to edit the line comments for the selected product.

When you add a product to an order, it creates a new line (or row) on the order. Each line can have comments added to it that print below the line on quotations and invoices.

You can either enter comments directly into the line comments box on the row in the order, or click this button to pop up a comment editor for the selected line.

You can also launch the comment editor by double clicking on the comments text box on the desired line.

Add internal note to this order

Click this button to add an internal note to this order.

Click here to learn more about order internal notes...

Delete selected product

Click this button to delete the selected product from the order.

Calculate retail price less VAT

This button opens up a handy calculator that you can use to calculate the Ex. VAT price of a product based on its Inc. VAT price.

Simply select the VAT rate that you want to base the calculation on, enter the Inc. VAT price and click Calculate to perform the calculation.

This feature doesn't change any prices on the order, it merely provides you with a handy tool to help with VAT calculations.

Show gross profit for this order

This handy button allows you to discretely display the gross profit for the order.

Click the button once to toggle on the gross profit display which will appear below the order total in the bottom right. Click again to hide the gross profit.

The gross profit appears in a grey text to make it harder for other people to see. In other words if you have a customer that can see your computer screen over your shoulder and you want to quickly see the gross profit for the order, perhaps to work out how much discount you can give them, you can discretely click the show gross profit twice and glance the gross profit without it being too obvious to your client.

The gross profit is calculated as the product sell prices minus the product cost prices.

Take payment for this order (F12)

Click this button to take a payment or a deposit for an order.

You can also launch the Take Payment Window by pressing F12 on the keyboard.

Click here to learn more about taking payments for orders...

View / Edit Order Discount and Loyalty Points

Click this button to access discount and loyalty point options relating to an order. More information about these options can be found here: Apply a discount via the Order Details window

View / Edit Payment Plans

Click this button to create, view or edit any payment plans related to this order.

Click here to learn more about Payment Plans

Stock Control

Click to view Stock Control actions such as Do Auto Stock Control and Enable Auto Purchase.

Do Auto Stock Control: This runs auto stock control on the order. Auto stock control is automatically run whenever you load and save an order. This option allows you to run it at any time whilst working on the order.

Enable Auto Purchase: This enables the Auto Purchase option for every item on the order.


Click this button to see a list of paperwork that you can print for the quote/order.

With Easify you can print a variety of paperwork such as quotations, estimates, invoices, job cards, delivery notes etc...

The paperwork that is available for you to print will appear in a menu list when you click the print button.

It is also possible to create your own custom paperwork that will appear under this menu using the built in Paperwork Designer.

Click here to learn more about the Easify Paperwork Designer...

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