Document Management System (DMS)

Document Management System (DMS) Overview

Easify features a powerful yet very easy to use document management system (DMS).

A document management system is nothing more complex than a really handy way to keep your documents in a place where you can easily find them again.

The Easify DMS allows you to easily save files and documents with a Customer, Order, Supplier or Purchase, and to quickly retrieve them via Easify (or using Windows) at any time, and from any computer on your network.

If for example, you need to save letters to customers and associate them with a particular Order (or quotation), you can simply drag the letter into the order in Easify, and the Easify DMS will automatically store the letter in the correct location on your hard disk, or to a shared network location. If in the future you want to retrieve the letter, simply open the order in Easify, click the Documents tab and the letter will be exactly where you stored it.

In the following tutorial video we walk you through all of the features of the Easify DMS and show you how you can configure the DMS for use in your business.

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Click here to learn more about enabling and configuring the Easify DMS.

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