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Cashback Transactions

Carrying out a cashback transaction

If you want to offer your customers cashback when they make a purchase with a debit card you will need to get Payment Sense to enable the feature as it is disabled by default.

NOTE: Cashback is usually limited to debit cards only and a maximum amount of £50.

When cashback is enabled on your Payment Sense account, whenever a customer inserts their card to initiate a card payment the card terminal will display the following:

Here you can enter a cashback amount using the keypad on the card terminal.

Press the enter key when done to proceed with the card transaction as usual.

If the card transaction successfully completes, you can give the customer cash from the cash drawer to the amount of the cashback.

How cashbacks are recorded in Easify

When you give people cashback, the amount of cash in the till will be lower at the end of the day than it would ordinarily be.

So that the till registers the correct amount of cash at the end of the day when cashing up and zeroing the till, cashback transactions cause a cash amount to be automatically transferred from the till account to a temporary Easify cashback account.

Then at the end of the day when you zero the till, any monies in the internal Easify cashback account will be automatically transferred to the current account in Easify.

NOTE: This does not actually physically transfer money from the cashback account to your bank account, the cashback payments are just transferred between internal Easify accounts so that your till can be zeroed at the end of the day and so that the Easify Cashbook is correct. The actual cashback transactions will be transferred by the card processor separately.

Ordinarily you won't need to worry about how Easify internally transfers cashback payments, however if you notice various cashback transfers in the Easify Cashbook, this is why they appear there.

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