Order Status Explained

Order Status Explained

By default every order that you raise in Easify starts life as a quote. When a customer decides to go for a quote, you can change the quote to an active status such as Awaiting Parts, In Progress etc... You can also set an order to an inactive status such as On Hold or Cancelled. Finally an order can be complete at which stage the only remaining tasks to carry out will be to invoice and bill the customer.

NOTE: If you would like orders to start life with a different status such as 'In Progress' you can set the default order status in the Easify Pro Options window.

Order status does not automatically change (unless you are using the EPOS system), rather it is something that you change yourself during the life cycle of an order.

You don't have to use all of the order statuses, and they don't have any special meaning so you are free to use them as best fits your business. However be aware that you have to use the correct type of status to describe the status of an order. So if your order is active, use an active status.

If the order statuses that come as standard don't suit your needs you can edit them so they exactly fit your business. You can edit and create order status in the Options window.

Easify order status can be broken into 4 types of status, Quote, Active, Inactive and Complete:

Quote Status

Quote in Progress: All order start out at the Quote in Progress status. This means that the order is in the process of being quoted, but the quote is not yet complete i.e. there is additional work to carry out on the quote before it can be issued.

NOTE: When an order is copied, the copy will be created with the Quote in Progress status.

Quote Complete: When a quote has been finished and issued to the customer, it should be set to Quote Complete. This will remind you that the quote does not need any more work done on it.

Active Status

Awaiting Parts: Use this status for orders that contain products that are on order.

Build: If you raise orders for products that have to be built or assembled, this status can be used to tell you which orders are still in the build phase.

Delivery: Use this when an order is being delivered.

Design: For when you raise orders for products that need to be designed.

In Progress: This is one of the most widely used order statuses and is a general purpose status that tells you that an order is ongoing.

In Test: Used for orders that require a test phase.

New Order: You can use this status to denote new orders i.e. orders that have just moved from being a quote but have not yet had any work carried out on them.

Scheduled: If you schedule jobs this status allows you to flag which orders are scheduled.

NOTE: When you select the All Active Orders status filter in the main orders & quotes window, any orders with active status as above are displayed.
NOTE: If you assign a user to an active order, the order will appear in the users Easify Active Jobs list in the main easify window.
Inactive Status

On Hold: Use this status to place an order on hold, either temporarily or permanently.

Cancelled: Use this for cancelled orders.


Complete: This is the ultimate status and is to be used when an order has been fully completed and the only thing left to do is to bill it.

Order Status and EPOS

As mentioned, Easify does not automatically change order status for you, it is something that you manually change during the life cycle of an order. However if you use the EPOS system, Easify will automatically set order status to the correct status for you as you go.

When you start a new sale in the EPOS system by scanning a product, Easify will automatically raise a new order with a status of In Progress.

If you complete the EPOS sale, taking payment in full, Easify will set the order status to Complete once payment has been entered.

NOTE: When you press the F9 key in the EPOS system to load a saved order, the list of saved orders comprises orders that are active, or that are complete but not yet paid in full.

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