Importing Products into Easify

Importing Products into Easify

Easify features a powerful product importer that allows you to import products from CSV or tab delimited files.

This great feature means that you can obtain price lists and product catalogues from your suppliers, and load them directly into Easify without having to manually input what for some people would amount to thousands of products.

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The product importer can be used to add new products to Easify and it can also be used to update products that already exist.

Adding new products is useful when you have just started using Easify and need to populate it with products to sell, or when your suppliers have released new products that you would like to have in your product list.

Updating products is an excellent way of price checking your products. If your product cost prices change on a regular basis as would be the case if you own a computer shop, then you can simply import the latest version of your suppliers price list and Easify will automatically update your product prices according to the new price list. The product importer will also record the Last Priced date on each product that has been updated so you will know how fresh your prices are.

The Easify product importer is highly configurable allowing you to customise column mappings, and apply filtering to your imported data. What's more you can also save the configuration settings and mappings for a particular import so that you can instantly recall them on a regular basis.

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