Products Needed for Orders Report

Products Needed for Orders

This report is ideal for anyone who works in purchasing as it displays all the products that are needed to satify your current orders.

At the top of the report you will see a summary of how the report is compiled. The report will list any products that are needed for any active orders when the current stock level is not sufficient to cover the requirement in the order.


In the example shown below, there are a total of 5x C Cell Rechargeable Battery packs needed:

  • 4 packs for Bree Mcdonald
  • 1 pack for Adrienne Burke
  • = 5 packs in total (highlighted in blue)

However 2 packs are already in stock and allocated to Bree Mcdonald (highlighted in green).

So your purchasing department would easily be able to see that they need to order another three packs in order to satisfy your current orders.

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