Easify Pro Licensing Explained


Our software is available to download and install via the Downloads page on this website. However, in order to continue using it beyond the free 30-day trial period you need to purchase the appropriate licenses, which are available to buy from our online shop.

This article starts by explaining the basics of the Easify software and the 2 main ways in which we provide you with it. This is important because the type of license you need depends on which option you choose.

Easify Software

Easify software consists of 2 parts which work together:

Easify Pro Easify Server

The desktop application you open on your computer in order to use Easify and access the data on an Easify Server.

Where Easify keeps all your data - products, customers, orders, financial records. Think of it as a single, central database.

As the picture below illustrates, you require both parts in order to use the system.

Without Easify Server, there is nothing for Easify Pro to connect to.

Without Easify Pro, there is no way to access data on an Easify Server.

Easify Cloud

Easify Cloud is the name we use for when we host your Easify Server for you in the cloud.

Easify Cloud is ideal for most business types and offers the most benefits.

Your Easify Server is hosted by us on our fast and secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers. Full details can be found here: Easify Cloud Feature Page

Easify Server Cloud Subscription

  • You get a fully-managed Cloud Server - we take care of backups, security and maintenance
  • Quick and easy setup - all you need to do is download and install Easify Pro

Easify User Cloud Subscription

  • Allows you to install Easify Pro on as many computers as you like
  • Purchasing additional Cloud User Subscriptions will allow multiple users to login on multiple computers and use Easify all at the same time

Easify On-Premises

Easify On-Premises is the name we use for when you install Easify Server on one of your own computers.

Easify On-Premises is only recommended for companies with an in-house IT capability or for specialist users with a strong IT background.

Your Easify Server is installed on one of your own computers (on-premises).

Easify On-Premises Licenses

Easify Server Computer License

Allows you to install Easify Server on one of your own PCs

Easify User Computer License

  • Allows you to install and use Easify Pro on 1 computer
  • Purchasing additional User Computer Licenses will allow you to install and use Easify Pro on multiple computers
Click here for more information about Easify Pricing.

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