Easify V3 is no longer supported.

For continued support and to get the latest features we recommend that you upgrade from V3 to V4 as soon as possible.

NOTE: This help article refers to Easify Version 3 which is no longer supported.

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Knowledgebase - Overview

The Easify Knowledgebase allows you to quickly create articles, notes, crib sheets etc... that will help you to remember your vital company information.

You can organise the information you store here by creating your own Knowledgebase articles, and assigning keywords to your articles so that you can easily search for them later.

The kind of information you can store here is only limited by your imagination, but some examples to get you started are things like:
  • Your Company Handbook 
  • Company Procedures 
  • Supplier Login Information 
  • Company Details (I can never remember my company VAT number for example)
  • Anything else you can think of that would be handy to be able to look up

    So feel free to fill the knowledgebase with handy company info, and it will be available instantly from any PC on your network running Easify.

    You can launch the Knowledgebase either via the large buttons in the bottom left of the Easify Main Window:

    or by clicking Help->Knowledgebase->View Knowledgebase on the Easify main menu:

    The main Knowledgebase Window allows you to search for articles, view and print them, as well as manage and edit them. 

    To the left of the Knowledgebase Window is a list of all the categories you have created for your Knowledgebase article, expanding the categories will display the articles within them.

    The selected article is displayed in the right hand pane of the Knowledgebase Window.

    Across the top is a toolbar with various buttons that allow you to create, edit, print and search articles.

    Creating a new knowledgebase category
    You can create a new knowledgebase category by clicking the New Category button.

    In the resulting dialogue box enter the name for your new category and click OK when done.

    Your new category will appear in the category list.

    Renaming a knowledgebase category
    To rename a category, select the category and click the Edit Category button.

    In the resulting dialogue, change the category name as required and click OK when done.

    Deleting a knowledgebase category
    To delete a category, select it and click the Delete Category button.

    Easify will not let you delete a category that has articles in it.

    Adding a new knowledgebase article
    To add a new article, select the category that you wish to create the article under, and click the Add Article button.

    This will launch the Article Editor.

    Click here for information about working with the Article Editor.

    Editing a knowledgebase article
    To edit an existing article, select the article and click the Edit Article button.

    Click here for information about working with the Article Editor.

    Deleting a knowledgebase article
    To delete an article, select it and click the Delete Article button.

    Searching for a knowledgebase article
    To search for a particular article, enter a search word in the search box and click the search button.

    The list of articles on the left will be filtered down to only show Knowledgebase articles that contain the keyword that you searched for, or articles that have the keyword that you searched for in their title.

    To clear the current search click the Reset Search button.

    Printing an article
    To print an article, select it and click the Print Article button.


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