Easify Bookkeeping Software

Bookkeeping is built into Easify Small Business Software, it records your financial transactions as you do business. This means less time spent entering data and more time doing other tasks.

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How Easify Software helps with your bookkeeping...

Easify small business software makes bookkeeping easy too.

Because Easify keeps track of what you have sold and what you have paid for, it can automate a large part of your bookkeeping process.

By allowing your staff to use Easify in the course of your day to day business, your bookkeeping data will be automatically entered for you ready for analysis and processing.

Recording your receipts...

Taking payment in the POS

So as your staff sell your products, the payment transactions are automatically recorded.

Taking payment in the back office

By using Easify for your day to day business operations such as raising orders and taking payments for sales, your bookkeeping will pretty much take care of itself.

Recording your payments...

Making a payment for a purchase

And when you pay for it you simply open that purchase order, and click the Make Payment button.

Easify will record the payment along with how you paid it and make sure that the payment is recorded in the purchase ledger.

Remember, you don't only have to record payments for stock and materials in Easify, you can just as easily record purchases related to Rent, Rates, Wages, Fuel etc... and have Easify automatically keep your books up to date.

When you use Easify to record your receipts and your expenses, most of your accounting data will have been recorded ready for export to your accountant.

Bringing your financial data together...

Real-time cashbook
Filtering the cashbook

You can easily view a specific date range, a specific account, a specific payment method, a specific type of transaction, or any combination of all four.

Viewing totals in the cashbook

Financial Reports - Real-time, anytime.

Easify makes it really easy to record your payments and receipts as they happen, which gives you the ability to view financial reports in real-time, any time. There is nothing to prepare, your data is just there - anytime you need it.

So if you want to view a profit and loss report, see who owes you money (aged debtors), view your current value of stock, review a sales chart etc... simply click a menu option and your report will be on screen in seconds.

Exporting your financial data...

Exporting data to CSV

The built in automated financial features of Easify Small Business software means you spend more time running your business, and less time running your accounting system.

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