Easify Advanced Server Upgrade


The Easify Advanced Server Upgrade or EASU for short is an optional upgrade for Easify that gives you some fantastic new features...

  • Support for multiple companies
  • Recurring billing and purchasing
  • eCommerce integration

The Easify Advanced Server Upgrade is a real small business force multiplier.

Multi-Company Support

With EASU you can setup and manage a virtually unlimited number of companies in Easify.

So if you have a number of businesses and want to run them, all with Easify, EASU makes it easy.

Each company you create in Easify can also be connected to a separate website should you wish to take advantage of EASU's eCommerce connectivity features.

And if you ever wanted to move a company to a new server, or even a new owner, EASU's robust MS SQL based architecture makes it a simple matter to separate a company into a new database.

Scheduled Orders, Purchases and Backups

Also new with EASU is the ability to setup scheduled recurring orders and purchases in Easify.

With EASU installed on your network, you can easily schedule any existing order or purchase to be automatically raised at the date, time and frequency of your choosing.

Orders and purchases can be scheduled to repeat at pretty much any frequency. So if you wanted an order to be repeated, say, 12 times on the first Monday of every other month, or you want a purchase to be automatically raised once a quarter on the first day of the month from now onwards, EASU allows Easify to do all of these and more.

Receive email notifications when an order or purchase has been auto-created...

If you have configured email addresses for your Easify users, assigned users will be emailed whenever a scheduled task occurs. So not only can Easify automatically create your orders and purchases, it can tell you that it's created them too.

The new task scheduling features of EASU also let you create backup schedules for your Easify companies, so you need never forget to backup your data again.

Scheduled Orders, Purchases and Backups

eCommerce integration features come as standard with EASU.

EASU gives you a powerful and well documented XML/SOAP API, complete with source code samples that your web developers can use rapidly hook your eCommerce enabled website into Easify.

Fully compatible with .Net and PHP web servers, the XML/SOAP API provides you with a quick and easy way to integrate Easify with any shopping cart system that has an API. And even if your cart doesn't feature an API of its own, we can offer a bespoke development service where we can create the web code you need to connect to any cart system.

For more information download the EASU XML/SOAP Programmers Guide here.

Automate Your Billing...

EASU brings you the ability to schedule orders and purchases to be automatically raised for you.

With a highly configurable scheduler, you can easily setup orders and purchases to recurr daily, weekly, monthly or annually.


Multiple Companies...

The Easify Advanced Server Upgrade brings support for multiple companies to Easify.

Now you can create as many separate companies as you like in Easify and harness the power of Easify business software across your entire organisation.


Scheduled Backups...

New with EASU is the ability to setup automated backups of your valuable Easify data.

The powerful scheduler in EASU lets you backup your data according to a schedule that suits you best.


eCommerce Integration...

EASU comes with a rich XML/SOAP API that allows you to integrate with other applications and databases such as eCommerce shopping sites.

If you have an eCommerce website, you can have new orders automatically flow into Easify allowing you to link the online and offline sides of your business.

EASU comes with full API documentation so that you or your web developers can hook into Easify, and we can even offer a bespoke software service if you need help to get up and running. Contact us for a free quotation.


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