Easify News - 1st July 2016

We are pleased to announce that Easify Version 4 is now available for download and purchase.

Two weeks ago we released Easify V4 for new users, and today we followed up with an updated installer that handles the upgrade from Easify version 3 to Easify version 4...

Take me straight to the download!

You can download Easify Version 4 here...

What's new in Easify version 4?

A completely new engine...

We have worked hard to keep the user interface (UI) of Easify the same as you are used to. After all, what's worse than upgrading your software only to find that everything has been renamed and moved around to the point where you are no longer familiar with things? There are some changes to the UI but we have kept them to a minimum.

The majority of changes in Easify V4 are under the surface, in fact the entire "engine" of Easify has been removed, updated and replaced making way for some big changes in the future.

Probably one of the biggest changes you can look forward to in Easify V4 is that it is now able to work across the internet. This means that you can setup Easify at your premises, just as you always did, but now you will be able to log into it from home, out on the road, from the pub...

What the new engine allows us to do in the future is two things...

  1. We will be able to develop new features for Easify approximately 10x faster than it used to take us on Easify V3.
  2. Because Easify can now operate fully over the internet, we will be introducing a fully hosted Easify Server solution whereby you pay us a nominal fee each month and we will host and manage your Easify Server for you. All you need to do is pay a monthly subscription and we will do the rest - you simply log into Easify via the internet.

New features...

I've already touched on the new remote access features of Easify V4, but we have also included some great new features that you will be able to see straight away...

Loyalty Points System

New for Easify Version 4 is an integrated loyalty points system.

With Easify V4 you can associate loyalty points cards with your customers, and as they shop with you they can earn loyalty points which they can redeem against future purchases.

You can choose to specify how many loyalty points are earned on specific products, or simply tell Easify how many loyalty points should be earned per pound spent.

When a customer makes a payment, you can instantly see in Easify how many loyalty points the customer has accrued, and you can use those loyalty points against their purchase.

Scheduled backups...

Previously a premium feature of the Easify Advanced Server Upgrade (EASU), scheduled backups are now built into Easify V4.

Simply create a schedule on which you would like your Easify data to be backed up, and on that schedule your Easify data will be backed up for you.

Repeat Orders and Purchases...

Also a premium feature from EASU, Easify V4 now comes as standard with the ability to setup repeat orders and purchases.

Say a customer buys a service from you every month, you can now create an order for them and schedule it to be auto-raised once per month.

Similarly if you have a supplier that you regularly purchase things from (say your Easify Subscription Licenses), you can create a repeating purchase so that a purchase order is automatically raised every month.

Multi channel ecommerce system...

Easify V4 also comes with an all new multi-channel ecommerce capability.

If you want Easify to communicate with your website and 3rd party applications such as eBay, Woocommerce or Amazon, Easify now has the ability to send out update notifications to multiple ecommerce systems at once.

We will be releasing a full RESTful API in the next month or so that will allow your web developers to start plugging you into more and more ecommerce channels.

We will also be releasing connectors for popular ecommerce systems such as Wordpress/Woocommerce

Automatic Easify Server discovery

Another feature that many of you have asked for over the years is Easify Server Discovery.

What this simply means is that when you install an Easify Pro client on another computer on your network, it will automatically discover its Easify Server and you will be able to log into it without having to configure any settings.

This is much easier than in Easify Version 3 where you had to enter network information about the location of your Easify Database Server.

All new reporting engine...

For Easify V4 we have removed the need for reporting to be generated using Crystal Reports and have written our own reporting engine which generates your reports in Easify.

This makes report generation much faster than before as the new code is much more agile and is custom written purely for Easify report creation.

Pay as you go, or one time purchase

Another big change for Easify V4 is that as well as being able to purchase Easify for a one time payment, you can also buy Easify as a subscription.

The minimum period is only 1 month, so this is a great way of temporarily acquiring a number of Easify licenses for a short period of time.

But probably the biggest benefit is that Easify Subscriptions allow you to remote into your Easify server, so if you want to take advantage of Easify remote access you can purchase a subscription and log in from anywhere.

NOTE: Please be aware of the following before upgrading from Easify Version 3 to Easify Version 4.
  1. Easify V4 does not yet support integration with external web sites (this feature coming very soon). If you have purchased EASU and your Easify Version 3 installation is integrated with your website please contact us for more information.
  2. Easify V4 no longer uses Crystal Reports as a reporting engine. If you make extensive use of external Crystal Reports, please contact us for more information.
  3. Easify V4 no longer supports direct connections to Microsoft SQL Server via the network. If you use 3rd party reporting tools or applications to directly connect to the Easify database via the network, please contact us for more information.
  4. Due to the fact that YesPay were bought out by WorldPay a number of years ago, WorldPay are discontinuing support for YesPay, therefore we no longer offer support for YesPay in Easify V4. If you have an existing YesPay integration with Easify please contact us for more information.

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