Easify News - 13th June 2017

We are pleased to announce that Easify V4.43 has been released.

In this our fourth update to Easify Version 4 we bring you a Bulk Customer Statement Generator, improvements to the ECommerce Channel Manager to allow fine grained control of queued product updates, and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements...

What's new in Easify version 4.43?

Bulk Customer Statement Generator

By popular demand we have re-instated the ability to print customer statements for all customers with an outstanding balance in a single operation.

And what's more we've improved on the old version 3 code by enabling you to automatically print, email and/or save the customer statements to PDF.

You simply run the Bulk Customer Statements generator, and choose which statements you would like to generate, choose how you would like them generated and Easify will do the rest.

Improved ECommerce Channel Management

Since the recent launch of our Easify WooCommerce plugin, we've improved the Easify Ecommerce Channel Manager to enable you to drill into an Ecommerce channel and see what notifications are waiting in it ready to be uploaded to your website.

This means that if an update gets stuck in the Ecommerce Channel queue for any reason, you can easily delve into the queue, see what the problem is, and correct it.

The following issues have been resolved

  • When Easify Pro is launched and it can't find a connection, instead of forcing you to quit Easify you now get taken to the Easify Connection Manager.
  • For all text boxes on a customer, leading and trailing spaces are now removed from the text when the text box loses focus.
  • ECommece Manager - Subscription username textbox no longer wraps.
  • ECommerce Channel Manager now automatically strips white-space at end of username.
  • ECommerce Channel Manager now sets default entities for the WooCommerce plugin when selected.
  • Browse for installation path in Easify Setup no longer causes Crash to Desktop.
  • Statements could not be printed from within an order.
  • Error in POS product search when scrolling product list.
  • Exception when printing price label and no labels associated with print menu.
  • Improved description wording on Who you owe money to report (aged Creditors aka suppliers).
  • Due Date field is always blank on invoice.
  • Purchases error when displaying Easify SKU.
  • Exception when attaching invoice or PO to Outlook email.
  • Bulk Invoicer - double clicking rows does not bring up related info.
  • Bulk Invoicer now also appears under the Reports/Finance menu
  • Improved handling of customer credit limits on customer statements.
  • Fixed issue with printing of POS Receipt Logo.
  • Fixed issue whereby adding a product subcategory to paperwork printed incorrect subcategory.
  • We have also addressed a few minor issues with the Easify WooCommerce plugin, please refer to the plugin changelog in your WordPress installation for more details.

Many thanks to everyone that has helped us by submitting bug reports. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter problems ASAP and we will get them resolved as quickly as we can.

Coming Soon...

Integrated Card Payments with Payment Sense

We are currently working with Payment Sense to provide integrated credit card processing within Easify.

With Easify and Payment Sense, you will be able to connect Easify to your chip and pin and contactless credit card reader, and have Easify automatically enter payment amounts into your card reader.

The card reader prompts will be displayed on screen in Easify while the transaction is being processed and will make the whole card processing experience slick and easy to use for you and your customers.

Credit card receipts will print inline with your Easify till receipt, which means you only need to give your customers a single receipt. Having the card receipt contained within your main till receipt will also create a slicker end user experience.

PCI-DSS compliance requirements will be minimal due to the secure means that Payment Sense have provided for their card processing system.

We anticipate that Payment Sense integration will be available for you by early July 2017.


Do I need to upgrade from V3 to V4 before upgrading?

No, if you wish to upgrade from Easify V3 you can go straight from Easify V3 to V4.43 by running the Easify V4 installer.

I am an Easify V4 user, are there any technical reasons that would prevent me upgrading to V4.43?

No, anyone who is using Easify V4 will benefit from the update.

You can download the latest version of Easify Version 4 here...

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