Easify News - 25th February 2020

We are pleased to announce that Easify V4.70 has been released.

The main new feature in this update is the Easify Web stock take utility.
If you are an Easify subscriber, you can carry out real-time stock taking using your smartphone as a mobile barcode scanner as you walk around your store or warehouse.

What's new in Easify version 4.70?

Easify Web stock take facility

If you have an Easify subscription, you can log into Easify Web and do a real-time stock take using your smartphone camera as a mobile barcode scanner.

Simply scan the barcode of a product, Easify Web will load up the product details from Easify, and you just tap in the quantity of the product that you have on the shelf and the stock level will be instantly updated.

Access to Easify Web is included at no extra cost to Easify Subscribers, so if you have an Easify Cloud Server, it's ready and waiting for you to use.

Click here to learn more about using your smartphone camera as a barcode scanner...

Click here to learn more about Stock Taking with Easify Web...

WooCommerce Plugin

We've added a few new features to the Easify WooCommerce plugin.

A new Product Options page has been added to the plugin to give you more control over how Easify interacts with WooCommerce...

The latest WooCommerce plugin also contains a number of minor bug fixes.

Don't Overwrite WooCommerce Categories

This option allows you to prevent Easify Product updates from overwriting WooCommerce product categories. Usually you would want Easify to manage WooCommerce categories for you automatically, but if you want to manage the WooCommerce categories manually you can enable this setting.

Ignore Easify Product Updates

As standard when you publish a product from Easify to WooCommerce, the product will be linked from Easify to WooCommerce and any edits to the product that you make in Easify will be automatically published to WooCommerce. This is usually what you want, everything driven from Easify.

However if you need to be able to edit the product details (images, tags, attributes etc...) in WooCommerce and not have them overwritten by Easify you can enable this option.

Click here to learn more about the new Easify WooCommerce plugin settings...

To find out if you need the new WooCommerce plugin, login to your WordPress dashboard and if you don't have the latest upgrade WordPress will tell you so.

Performance Improvements

For this release we have improved the login speed for Easify Cloud Subscribers. As from V4.70 you should find that logging into the Easify Cloud Server is more than twice as fast as before.

New Easify Pro Client Installer

Also new for V4.70 we have created an Easify Pro Client installer that makes installing and upgrading Easify Pro clients easier.

If you have an Easify Cloud Server, you can download the Easify Pro Client installer as you don't need the full installer that contains the Easify Server - your Easify Server is installed and managed by us.

You can download the new Easify Pro Client installer, as well as the original full installer from our Downloads page.

Many thanks to everyone that has helped us by submitting bug reports. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter problems ASAP and we will get them resolved as quickly as we can.


I have an Easify Cloud Server, how do I upgrade?

With the Easify Cloud Server, we handle your Easify Server upgrades for you. Simply send us an email telling us when is a convenient time for the upgrade and we will upgrade your Easify Server to the latest version.

Do I need to upgrade from V3 to V4 before upgrading?

No, if you wish to upgrade from Easify V3 you can go straight from Easify V3 to V4.70 by running the Easify V4 installer.

I am an Easify V4 user, are there any technical reasons that would prevent me upgrading to V4.70?

No, anyone who is using Easify V4 will benefit from the update.

You can download the latest version of Easify Version 4 here...

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