Easify WooCommerce Plugin 12 Month Subscription

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WooCommerce - Save 30% with 12 months pre-paid

With the Easify WooCommerce Plugin you can connect your Wordpress / WooCommerce online shop to Easify.

Once you have your Easify installation connected to WooCommerce, any products that you add to Easify can be instantly and automatically uploaded to your WooCommerce online shop, complete with product image and information.

Similarly, any orders placed via your WooCommerce online shop will be automatically sent to your Easify server.

This means you can manage your product and orders centrally in Easify, knowing that the products and stock levels on your website are fully synchronised with your stock levels in Easify.

When orders are sent from WooCommerce to your Easify Server they are automatically queued, so even if your Easify Server is switched off, or your internet connection is temporarily down, the web orders will still be sent to your Easify Server when it next becomes available.

With the Easify WooCommerce plugin, your stock levels will always be in sync between your Easify Server and your website. When an order is placed via the website, the Easify WooCommerce plugin will not only send the order to your Easify Server, it will also automatically allocate the stock needed to fulfil the order meaning you will never over-sell your stock.

All of your accounts will be in one place too. When you need to view sales reports, or prepare accounting data, all of your data will be in Easify ready for use. You won't need to export data from your website and manually add it into your accounting program.


The Easify WooCommerce is available as a monthly subscription or a pre-paid subscription, and allows connection of Easify to one ECommerce website running Wordpress and WooCommerce with the Easify WooCommerce plugin installed.


  • Products you enter in Easify are automatically uploaded to your WooCommerce website.
  • Stock levels in your premises automatically sync to your website in real-time.
  • When you allocate products to an order in Easify (reserve them for a customer), the stock level on your website is automatically reduced.
  • Stock levels on your website automatically sync to Easify in your premises in real-time.
  • Orders placed on your website are automatically copied to your Easify Server in real-time.
  • Payments made for online orders on your website automatically sent to your Cashbook in Easify.
  • Supports multiple WooCommerce shipping options.
  • Supports multiple WooCommerce payment options.
  • Supports WooCommerce discount coupons.
  • Product updates (stock levels / price changes etc...) to your website are queued, so they will be re-tried automatically if the internet or your website is down.
  • Orders being sent from your website to Easify are automatically queued for delivery, so they will still be sent to your Easify Server even if the internet is down at your premises, or your Easify Server is being rebooted.

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Note: You can connect Easify to multiple websites if you wish, and will require a separate plugin subscription for each.


How are we able to offer such large discounts on pre-paid subscriptions? When you purchase subscriptions up front, it enables us to lease our cloud services from Microsoft Azure up front, and the saving we make can be passed on to you.


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All pre-paid subscriptions are non-refundable.

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