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 Multiple Clerks

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Posted by foreveryoccasion

Multiple Clerks

I am currently evaluating your system and I would like to know if there is some way of allowing multiple clerks to simultaneously use the pos. A lot of systems I have looked at allow for a clerk to be able to interrupt a transaction mid flow by logging the user out and logging in them selves. when the original clerk logs back in the mid transaction is back?

Also does the POS software have to be on the same computer as the stock or can it be networked?


Mike Harris

For Every Occasion

Posted by Richard

Re: Multiple Clerks

Hi Mike, and welcome to the forums!  

We don't have a quick way to change users at the moment though fast user switching on the POS is in the development pipleine.

However we do have the F9 button on the POS, so if you want to interrupt someone else just press F9 to save their order, and you can then process another transaction. Pressing F9 again allos you to call back up the saved order and continue where you left off.

Easify is fully networkable, so you can have as many tills and as many back office computers as you have licenses for. They will all talk to the same database.

Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

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