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 Sneak preview of the Easify dashboard system...

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Posted by Richard

Sneak preview of the Easify dashboard system...

Hello all,

Here's a preview of some code we've been running back at base for a while now, the Easify dashboard. I'd appreciate all your thoughts and comments on it so please feel free to reply to this post  

The screenshot is a bit small so here's a link to the full image.

The dashboard is intended to run full screen in your workshop/dispatch area/office or wherever, and provides an at a glance view of selected jobs or orders.

In this example, we've got 4 columns, the first (red) has a block for each order that has a status of 'New Order', the second column (blue) shows jobs that have an order status of 'In Test', column three (yellow) shows how many orders are 'In Progress' and the final (green) column shows those orders that have an order status of 'Delivery'.

Each block denotes a single order, and has on it the order number, customer name and company name and how long ago the job was booked in.

You will notice icons on some of the blocks (these are easier to see on the larger attached screenshot). The round icon with a green or red number on it is a clock face. This is displayed if the job is scheduled, the number if green shows in how many days the job is due, and if red how many days overdue. If the job is scheduled for today, a yellow warning triangle is also displayed. If the scheduled date is in the past we display our customers broken heart on their order and mourn the passing of their custom  

At the top of each column are three stats, these are from left to right the total number of orders in the column, the number of orders that have moved into that status today, and the maximum number of orders that have ever moved into that column in a day. So you can see that we have got 6 orders in delivery, none have moved into delivery today and the most that have ever gone into delivery in a single day is 15.

The dashboard auto updates every 2 minutes, so as you progress orders from one status to another teh dashboard always reflects the current state of play.

We've still got a fair bit of work to do before we release the dashboard, and it will probably be released as a separately purchased standalone application.

In the meantime I welcome any feedback you have  

Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

Posted by tommytowbar

Re: Sneak preview of the Easify dashboard system...

hi Richard

Just the colours as i am colours blind and found it hard to see the blue on the black back ground


Posted by peter

Re: Sneak preview of the Easify dashboard system...

Great start Richard and high on my wish list. Like most things the comments will come once it begins to be used but this looks to be great - I look forward tio seeing / using it. Noting the comment above, I'm easy on the need for colour and if anything it's a bit garish as is...

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