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 Stock Control Values

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Posted by KH1123

Stock Control Values

Hello Easify

Have been entering stock in single units rather than box quantities, because the system rounds up part boxes - likewise entering single units produces price fractions eg £0.115 which is again rounded up to £0.12 ?

Given the amount of stock carried of any one item, this can produce a huge difference when multiplied by the 4>500 items stocked overall



Posted by John

Re: Stock Control Values

Hi KH1123 and welcome to the forum!

Easify stores cost prices to 2 decimal places, retail and trade prices to 4 decimal places.

When these values are used to calculate a total they are rounded up before being multiplied by the selected product quantity. Retail and trade prices are stored like this so that any 2 decimal price can be achieved.

Just to summarise Easify rounds up when dealing with half pennys on a per item basis.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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