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 VAT Amendment

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Posted by wobbleyoultd

VAT Amendment

Hey everyone

I have made an error with VAT and not included it within one of my products. I have sold around 15 of these products and need to amend these to reflect VAT. I have corrected it for future purchases.

I can locate the incorrect records by finding them in cashbook by sale price. Can anyone let me know how I can amend the records to include VAT? I do not want to change the sale price though.

Grateful for any assistance.



Posted by John

Re: VAT Amendment

Hi wobbleyou,

This can be done by opening each order, moving its status to 'In Progress' so you can edit it, making sure that the product's VAT code is set correctly, save the order. Then go into the cashbook and delete the payment record, now go back to the order and press the F12 key or press the 'Take payment for this order' button, enter the payment and then move the order status back to complete. You may want to go into advanced mode when taking payment so that you can change the date of the transaction. You can also change the date of transactions via the Cashbook if you double click on the transaction row.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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