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 Taking Multiple Payments With YesPay?

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Posted by KLK

Taking Multiple Payments With YesPay?

Just had this issue! If an account customer has several invoices to pay and they want to pay by card how can I pull up these in POS and enter them as one payment?

Otherwise the only way is to pull up the unpaid invoices separately and enter them one by one with the same card details, a bit messy!

The only way I could see was to cancel original invoices and amalgamate them all in to one invoice to then process through POS and YesPay. Obviously not ideal!

Any ideas how to make this easier?


Posted by John

Re: Taking Multiple Payments With YesPay?


Yes this would be a useful feature, one that can make single payments that cover multiple orders.

This has now been added to the feature request list.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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