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 Cant take payments or update stock! HELP!!!

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Posted by gbpanels

Cant take payments or update stock! HELP!!!

I have recently got the full license for Easify and this would have been the first set of payments and updates. I have selected my first invoice, changed the status of the item to delivered and then gone to take the payment via the quick payment screen and it wont allow me to. (Picture below)

NEED to get this sorted ASAP as I am falling behind with work.

Any suggestions?!?!


GB Panels

Posted by John

Re: Cant take payments or update stock! HELP!!!

Thanks for contacting us on live chat Chris,

Just to help others that may be in this situation, for the time being you can select the 'Switch to advanced payment mode' and continue to process your payments.

We have a copy of Chris' database and are looking into the cause of this and will post our findings once it has been resolved.

If anyone else is having this issue please contact technical support or leave us a message here so that we may assist you.

Thank you for your patience.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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