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 Customer Statements?!

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Posted by gbpanels

Customer Statements?!


I'm working on my customer statements for the end of the month. A lot of my customers have a 30 days account, but from statement day, not invoice date!

When I'm printing my statements they're showing that a lot of customers are overdue on there payments but aren't due till the end of this month.

HELP! I have statements due out but cant send them out with this on them. Is there any way of adjusting this?!?!


George Barber Panels

Posted by John

Re: Customer Statements?!

Hi Chris,

The customer statements are based on the date orders are invoiced + the number of days that have been set on the payment terms (found in the Orders & Quotes Billing tab). Orders that fall under these two criteria are classed as overdue for payment.

You can change the invoiced date in the Billing tab as long as the order isn't set to 'Complete' status, as this makes the order read-only.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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