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 'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...

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Posted by legrant

'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...

Hi there,

Our 'server' that runs easify for us - essentially a Windows XP Pro tower is nearing the end of its life and we're going to replace it.

Is Easify Windows 8.1 friendly or would I have to add something to get the SQL functionality that Easify requires?

Kindest Regards,


Posted by Richard

Re: 'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...

Hi Lee,

Easify is fine with any flavour of Microsoft SQL from 2005 onwards. Easify is also tested and certified on all versions of Windows from XP to 8.1 including servers.

In fact we modified the installer so that it now installs SQL Express 2012 if you're on Vista or later, or if you're on XP you get SQL 2005.

Your best bet would be to install the latest version of Easify on your server, then backup your Easify database on the old machine, then restore it to the new machine. That way you will have SQL 2012 instead of 2005.

SQL 2012 has the same functionality as 2005 as far as Easify is concerned, it's just that newer versions of Windows complain about SQL 2005 as it's getting a bit old.


Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

Posted by legrant

Re: 'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...


Thanks for the tip.

Posted by Jowo

Re: 'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...


I have two machine running easify , one is using the database on the other local machine , so as it stands this has to be switched on for the second one to work.

I have now got a 2003 server, I will load easify on this and load a back up from the old machine that hold the current database, I would still need both existing machines to work so is there any way of pointing these to the database on the server without re-installing them both.


Posted by John

Re: 'Server' machine change advice neeeded please...

Jowo, please refer to this FAQ article, it explains how to manually edit the Easify database server pointer for each Easify client computer:


Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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