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 Manually changing the database server for Easify clients

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Posted by John

Manually changing the database server for Easify clients

The only way to change the database server settings without uninstalling then reinstalling Easify is to manually edit the registry settings on each computer that connects to your Easify database computer over your network.

This process can be quite technical and potentially dangerous, so if you've not edited the registry yourself before we wouldn't recommend doing it this way, therefore if you wish to proceed with this method please research how to open up the registry editor and perform the changes required at your own risk. If in doubt, perform the uninstall from the control panel, then reinstall Easify.

On 32-bit machines:


On 64-bit machines:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Easify > V3.x

The key to edit is called ServerName and will be set in this format:


So you just need the computer name of your server, this process is explained in this forum post if you need more help working it out (for more advanced users, please note you can substitute the server name for its IP address, please make sure the server computer is set to a static IP before changing your registry setting):


Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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Posted by Jowo

Re: Manually changing the database serve for Easify clients

Hi John

Thanks for that , will back everything up and try it on the second machine first , will re-install both normally if this fails


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