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 A new version of Easify has been released...

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Posted by Richard

A new version of Easify has been released...

Hello all,

We've just released a minor update to Easify (V3.52.1.17 15th September 2011) which is available for download in our usual location http://www.easify.co.uk/downloads/.

If you download this latest version and run it, it will upgrade you to the latest version.

Here's a summary of some of the changes in this release:

1643 - Enable DMS but leave path blank, get an error

1647 - When copying a purchase, needs to copy purchase type as well

1648 - Unable to delete products that have product info

1655 - Copy order from customers order history

1656 - Copy purchase from supplier purchase history

1064 - Would be good if could raise an order from the customers screen

0973 - No way of printing till receipt without using the POS

1075 - Would be good if you could double click a KB article to open it

1577 - Have tried to back up and get error message

1070 - Would be good if purchases entered the date due field automatically

1080 - Deleting items from the POS

1088 - Enter a business customer on the POS and it only shows the contacts name and not the business

1092 - Should be able to double click item in POS to add it.

1107 - Would be good if you could change the order of 'My Active Jobs'

1141 - Delete an article and the crosses to expand categories disappear

1142 - Try to delete KB category and get unhandled exception error

1169 - Would be good if you could raise new purchase from suppliers screen

1243 - In Demo version - Job Card not consistent with other reports

1244 - Would be good if could sort by paid/unpaid

1249 - Enter new customer and the available balance shows as ????

1707 - POS should select the bottom most line item when product is added

1723 - Configuration SMTP credentials in email options always greyed out

Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

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