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 VAT Issue in Point of Sale

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Posted by Danny

VAT Issue in Point of Sale

As I am based in N.Ireland I will be buying stock both in the UK and Rep of Ireland. When I create a product that is being bought from the Rep of Ireland I do not pay VAT on this item (so therefore I am entering Tax Exempt) but I must charge the VAT when selling here in the North. My problem is that when I enter one of these items in the POS it does not add on the VAT that I need to charge. Any help would be much appreciated from anyone who has maybe encountered this problem when buying from EU etc. Thanks!

Posted by John

Re: VAT Issue in Point of Sale

You'll need to manually change the tax rate on either the purchase order or the order depending on your scenario.

When a product is added to an order or purchase order, the currently set tax rate on the product record is used.

Therefore, in your scenario, set the tax rate on your product record to be standard rate (S - 20%) and the product will be added to an order using the standard rate.

Then when adding this product to a purchase order, manually change the tax rate to exempt (E - 0%).

Please note, it is not possible to change the tax rate used by individual products on the Point of Sale, you'd need to save your Point of Sale order using the F9 button then load the order in Orders and Quotes to change the tax rate.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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