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 VAT return

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Posted by SueM

VAT return

I am trying to make a VAT return. I have been using my old spreadsheet to check Easify VAT return against and the VAT due came out higher on Easify. Therefore I exported from Easify invoiced sales for the period and ran the sales report from Easify for the same period and looked at the totals in the VAT return.

I found that Easify was reporting in the VAT form £670 more sales than the total in the export and £1069 more than the Sales Report. I thought the exported sales would be the most accurate as I was able to specify sales that had been invoiced during the AT quarter.

Urgent help needed please

Posted by Alison

Re: VAT return

Hi Sue,

The Sales report displays any 'active' orders for that period, and not only those that have been invoiced, so that wouldn't tie in with a VAT return as the VAT return is based on invoice date (for standard VAT accounting) or payment date (for cash VAT accounting).

However if you have used the export sales feature - and have exported your sales based on 'date we invoiced the customer' (for standard VAT accounting) or 'date the customer paid' (for cash accounting) the totals should be the same.

However if you have any purchases that use the EU or Reverse Charge VAT codes some of these will show in the Sales VAT column on a VAT return. For instance a purchases using the ECS &RCS VAT codes are classes as both a sale and purchase so the values negate themselves out but they show as both a sale and a purchase on a VAT return.

Feel free to send over your reports and VAT returns to sales@easify.co.uk for my attention, of if you're on a cloud license, give me permission to log in and I'll take a look. Thanks

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