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 Importing customer base from microsoft office

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Posted by shellbelle

Importing customer base from microsoft office

Hi guys

I've exported my microsoft office contacts to a CSV file so that it can be imported to easify but the import wizard is unable to process the request as it states that the file cannot be opened and that the index exceeds the boundary of the array? I only have the version on evaluation currently as I wanted to see whether or not I can get on with it and of course how good the support is 

Any ideas as I really dont want to enter 500 contacts manually

KR Shellbelle

Posted by Richard

Re: Importing customer base from microsoft office

Hi Shellbelle, and welcome to the forums  

It sounds like something is not quite right with your CSV file, if you are able to open the CSV file in Excel or other spreadsheet package check the number of columns that you have. There shouldn't be a limit but try deleting any unwanted columns from the data.

Also make sure the CSV file has column headings for the first row.

You can also try importing a smaller number of records, maybe try just importing the first 5 rows and see if you still get the error.

If you still have trouble you can email your CSV file to us at support@easify.co.uk and we will have a look over it for you to check for errors.


Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

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