Easify News - 12th June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Easify V4.67 has been released.

What's new in Easify version 4.67?

April 2019 saw the release of Easify 4.67 which brings you support for HMRC Making Tax Digital for VAT.

VAT Returns

In this feature-packed update we included the ability to generate VAT returns based on the sales and purchases that you have recorded in Easify; including the ability to generate VAT returns based on existing data, so all of the Sales and Purchasing data you have already entered will be pretty much ready to go on your VAT return.

Returns can be submitted directly to HMRC by authorising Easify to connect to your HMRC account, or you can simply choose to complete your VAT return in Easify to export for further processing.

Watch the following video to learn more

Or refer to our new VAT Returns support articles: VAT Returns Overview

New Purchase Types

In order to support the VAT Returns feature, we have introduced a set of new Purchase Types which means you can more easily differentiate between them and decide whether each type is VATable or not.

Payment Plans

We also added an all new Payment Plans system that enables you to easily create split payments or instalments for orders and purchases and print individual invoices for them and account for the VAT on the instalments.

Instalment amounts can be set manually or automatically and there is a built-in payment calculator to assist with the figures and further adjustments.

Watch our video Billing Your Customers in Instalments Using Easify Pro...

Or refer to our Payment Plans support articles to learn how to setup a plan: Paymen Plans Overview

YouTube Channel Updates

We have also been busy creating a raft of new content for our YouTube channel so be sure to head over there and subscribe so that you don't miss any updates: Easify's YouTube Channel

Remember to click the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to our channel and once you have done this, be sure to click the Bell icon next to the subscribe button so you get notified whenever we add new videos.

If you have any topics you'd like us to cover in a forthcoming video don’t hesitate to let us know by sending us an email to sales@easify.co.uk

Improvements in 4.67

  • Performance optimisation for the POS

    We've taken some time to optimise the POS code so that adding products in the POS will be much faster especially when using Easify Remotely via the Internet.

    We've also optimised the printing of full sized paperwork from the POS when using the POS advanced print options. Now the till will open and the receipt will print almost immediately before the full sized paperwork is sent to its respective printers.

Bug fixes in 4.67

  • Fixed duplicate list of accounts on "Configure New Till Window"
  • Fixed issue where product SKU numbering could not start at 1
  • Fixed inability to change refresh interval in Ecommerce Channel Manager
  • Fixed issue where some reports would not render page 2 when using Adobe Reader
  • Fixed issue where Customer Id was mentioned in email subject instead of Customer Number when emailing customer statement
  • Fixed issue where product sales history panel could encounter divide by zero error
  • Fixed Easify Server issue if Customer Type Id one is deleted by user

Many thanks to everyone that has helped us by submitting bug reports. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter problems ASAP and we will get them resolved as quickly as we can.


I have an Easify Cloud Server, how do I upgrade?

With the Easify Cloud Server, we handle your Easify Server upgrades for you. Simply send us an email telling us when is a convenient time for the upgrade and we will upgrade your Easify Server to the latest version.

Do I need to upgrade from V3 to V4 before upgrading?

No, if you wish to upgrade from Easify V3 you can go straight from Easify V3 to V4.67 by running the Easify V4 installer.

I am an Easify V4 user, are there any technical reasons that would prevent me upgrading to V4.67?

No, anyone who is using Easify V4 will benefit from the update.

You can download the latest version of Easify Version 4 here...

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