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 How to Import Items

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Posted by AlexandrasofKeswick

How to Import Items

I have created a CSV file (an excel spreadsheet which I then changed to CSV using File Save as).

I have mapped the columns to the fields in Easify.

Then when I go to import I get an error:

'Data Preview Error. Could not apply default values to preview row. There is no row at position 0'

Also when I load the products I'd like to enter the cost price and sale price but can't find a sale price mapping. Does this mean I will have to manually amend each product once I have the basic information into the database?


Posted by John

Re: How to Import Items

Hi Alexandra and welcome to the forums!

Your error message is likely due to not having set the default value for one of the following:

  • Supplier
  • Manufacturer
  • Tax
  • Category
  • Sub Category

Please check that you have set a value for each of these and try to import again.

Please Note: You will need to have entered all of the suppliers, manufacturers, tax rates / codes as well as categories and sub categories in Easify before you import your products.

Also with regards to wanting to import using cost price and retail price, this is not directly possible in the current version (V3.52.1.23) but will be included in the next update of Easify (release date has not currently been announced). The current method is to use the cost price and retail price to work out the retail margin using a formula, here is an article we published to help with this for the time being:


Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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Posted by AlexandrasofKeswick

Re: How to Import Items

Thanks John for your reply.

It now works - wasnt using sub categories and as soon as I added them to Easify and then to the Product upload it worked. So that is fine and resolved the issue.

Your note on cost price/retail price was useful. I do not have the same margin for all my products - but can work out the margin in excel for my upload.


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