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 Sales by Item Category

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Posted by wobbleyoultd

Sales by Item Category

Hey folks

I have run the report 'sales by item category' and I am confused by the calculations of one entry.

Cost price: .42

Trade price: .60

Retail price: 1.00

I have told 7 items - 4 trade and 3 retail.

My calculations make that 5.40, but the report is showing 4.49. And they are all showing under the retail entries, nothing under trade.

Hope this makes sense and my calculations are not incorrect. I know its a very low value product, but I want to ensure I get my maths correct.

Also, is there any way to see what products have been sold to who?

Thank you in advance, Mark

Posted by John

Re: Sales by Item Category

Hi Mark,

To ensure that we work out if there is an actual issue here, we'll need you to email us (support@easify.co.uk) a copy of your database and also a PDF copy of the report that seems to be in error.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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