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 Return price

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Posted by Jowo

Return price


Just a quick question on returns, If I have a order with several items on it that has all been paid for and then return a item and replace it with another item of the same price it com up on the balance as -£x

I.e Total order £100, return a jumper size 34 At £10 and add a jumper size 36 at £10 the balance should be £0.00 and order total £100, but the system shows Order total of £90 and balance -£10.

The only way of getting the total / balance correct is to delete the returned item from the order, but I would be useful to have a record that the item was returned

Posted by John

Re: Return price

We're recommending that people do not modify the original order when doing a refund but to create a new order via the POS, add the customer record and product to be refunded. Then select the product to refund and press F7. Finally processing the payment which should now be a negative value.

We intend on improving the way you perform refunds in a future upgrade as this procedure isn't as easy as it should be in the current version.

Happy to help - John (Easify Support)

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