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 Easify Advanced Server Upgrade has been released...

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Posted by Richard

Easify Advanced Server Upgrade has been released...

Hello folks,

We've just released the Easify Advanced Server Upgrade (EASU) which is available for download here.

[url=https://www.easify.co.uk/buy_easify/Default.aspx:jdo5sb4x]Licenses are available here[/url].

EASU is an optional paid upgrade for Easify that you install on your Easify server (the computer that your Easify database is installed on). It gives you the following new features:

  • Support for multiple companies - you can create as many companies as you want in Easify.
  • Scheduled recurring orders, purchases and backups - an easy way to generate repeat orders.
  • ECommerce XML/SOAP API - an easy to program interface to connect Easify to your online shop.

We are currently uploading more info and docs to the website, everything should be online by tomorrow.

Feel free to reply here if you have any questions regarding EASU - or as always your welcome to create new topics about specific areas of functionality.


Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

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