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 Quick stupid question!!!

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Posted by S And W

Quick stupid question!!!


When we buy something like fuel, we pay on our business credit card. We put the bill through and marked it pay by credit card. All good.

However.....I cannot figure out how to pay our credit card bill on easily.........If I put the bill through as a purchase it doesn't zero the credit card payment in our account.

Sure it's me being daft!



Posted by Alison

Re: Quick stupid question!!!

Hi Steve, when you go make payment for your credit card you can just put the payment through as a transfer. (for instance, transfer from current account to credit card account ). This will allow the accounts to show that payment has been made to the credit card account and reduce its balance accordingly.

You will have to put the interest and any bank fees through as well though - so if you use the reconcile feature there is an option to enter bank fees when reconciling, or alternatively just raise a purchase for them.

Hope that helps.

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