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 Weighed Items

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Posted by Paulandrina

Weighed Items

Dear Richard or Easify colleague

OK another one from me. I have weighed items that I sell by the Kg or fraction thereof. I see that Easify only allows integer values on orders so if I sell 400g of a product and enter 0.4 kg Easify rounds down to zero.

The obvious workaround for this is to sell by the gram and Easify does allow price to decimal places below one penny in the Cost Price field and the calculated trade and retail price, but sadly on the EPOS screen the retail price gets rounded to nearest penny, so fractions of a penny don't work in practice.

Therefore I seem to be forced to use 100g as my unit price choosing 10 of the item for a kg sale, and having pricing to nearest 10p on kg units of product - not ideal but manageable I suppose. Or have I missed some level of functionality in this area.

By the way are you going to incorporate support for automatic input from EPOS scales in any upcoming upgrade? It could help overcome the problem above.



Posted by Richard

Re: Weighed Items

At present you would need to sell by the bag as it were, so that you can use integer quantities. So selling by the 100g would be the way ahead for the time being.

We've had a few requests for fractional quantities and also for connectivity with scales, and I believe we have that raised for future review.

Regards - Richard (Easify Developer)

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